About Patco

Patco Precision is a full service design and precision CNC fabrication center.

We cater to a wide range of customers, from those who require close tolerance development or prototype work, to those who require large production runs or assemble.

We manufacture parts from-plastics, aluminum, brass, castings, stainless, all steels and many exotic materials like titanium, inconel, magnesium.

We put in the extra effort to make sure we provide only the highest quality precision parts.

We dedicate our hard work done in Silicon Valley with high quality parts made for our costumers all over the world.

We service a wide range of clientele and no job is too small or too large for us to handle we are not afraid of big complicated projects. They usually required a close contact with the vendors, we are open for it. We are company that you can confide in.

Our commitment to our customers and vendors has given us long-term beneficial relationships.

All work is done to your satisfaction!

We use CAD software, as well as the most modern CNC milling and turning centers.

Our reputation has driven us to great success. It has been proven that we meet your needs in a timely yet precisely matter.

We use state of the art machines to manufacture components to the highest possible quality. And take pride in being a respected employer in manufacturing as well as adding value and full service. Our location puts us in the heart of the machining industry in Santa Clara.

We are just 10 minutes away from Santa Clara University and 5 minutes from Mission College.

Our mission is to provide top quality products with excellent customer service and support along with competitive pricing and on- time delivery. Our hard work keeps us committed into being a step ahead in the cutting edge of technologies and processes in the highly technical industry. We help our customers succeed through responsive customer service and on-site support by being committed to providing complete technical support in all facets of our industry. With our environmentally controlled facility adheres to  ISO 9001:2000. Our absolute attention is focused on First Articles with in-process controls to assure the highest quality levels.