Our full service machine shop in Santa Clara can fabricate any material ranging from rubber, plastics to metals, small or large, by using CNC Machines, and manual mills & lathes.

Our engineers work with our customers till the completion of the product.

Along with step by step stages, before we do the finish product we like to give our customers a sample of what their money gets them.

Patco Experience

All of our employees are highly trained and highly qualified for any task.

Our experience dates back to almost 20 years.

With superior workmanship, and our keen eye to such great detail, all work is done with flawless technique.

Staying in touch is all about customer satisfaction:

We care about your relationship with Patco Precision; you will get a chance to have a close look at the progress of your project with us.
We can assure you that you can count on our reliability and our skill.
You are welcome to stop by and see how your project going, you will be welcomed as our friend.

We provide video conferences for our costumers which is very comfortable for those who are to busy for real meetings.

Goals / our mission is:

We want to provide you with only the best when you receive the completed part. You will always know that we care about making each and every job the perfect product.

We are always improving all aspects to the operation. Our dedicated staff is committed to ongoing training to ensure you that with new developments always on the rise our team is the best for any job.

Machine Shop Patco Precision Quality Control:

Why we know so much about quality control?
Because of the ISO 9001:2000 fallowing
And by working hard for so many years, our knowledge about CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) is extended to the fullest. We double check all measures to get the perfect finish and product.

Engineering / Process Controls

Our engineers spend countless hours to ensure each product is perfect. With the extensive training and background every engineer knows how to work each machine.

Patco Precision CNC Machine Shop Capabilities:

We are highly invested in maintaining good customer service and highly educated crew in the latest machining technology. We consistently bring you high quality parts for you satisfaction. No job is ever too small for us to handle. With the many different programs that we use, we have the advantage of opening all files.

Programming at Patco Precision

All of our machines are connected to computer networks containing the latest version of software’s for example: MasterCam, Surfcam Geopath and
SolidWorks and more, which gives us the ability to give you the highest quality control there is. Our programming is monitored to the T. Our engineers make sure that each machine is programmed just right to the specifications.

3D Design

With our trust in Japanese & American accurate machines we assure you the best results in creating very small parts to the large and heavy parts.
In need of 5 axis work? We are the one to chose. We stand on a great deal of pride in meeting your needs in a timely matter but in such a way that assures you great care.


Patco Precision work with aluminum, stainless steel, plastics, rubber, even glass, brass, copper. Our team work as well with exotic and refractory metals such as inconel, titanium, magnesium and much more...

We like to cut material at our shop that way we are able to control more from the begining.


Our priority for our customer is to have the best inspection rate. We want to assure you that our talented employees take great pride in producing the perfect piece for you. The finish product is always inspected twice before it leaves our shop. Assurance is the best guidance to having an exceptionally perfect product.